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Our philosophy

I have developed a keen interest in aesthetic medicine during my university studies because it provides a holistic approach to individuals, addressing both skincare and appearance, as well as overall well-being. I firmly believe that when we feel beautiful in our bodies, our souls reciprocate, and vice versa. However, during my medical practice, I encountered a significant challenge that weighed heavily on me—the lack of time for thorough patient interviews. Many times, a simple conversation proved sufficient to enhance skin condition by positively impacting the patient's overall psychological state. This phenomenon became increasingly prevalent in my patients, prompting me to delve deeper into psychodermatology and its close connection to psychosomatics alongside conventional dermatological treatment.

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Dr. Martina Matzenauer

CEO Marbelle Clinic



Endolift® is a new innovative minimally invasive laser procedure that remodels the entire face. Firms sagging skin and reduces accumulated fat in the lower third of the face (double chin, chin, cheeks, mouth, jaw line) and neck. Addresses sagging skin and fatty overhangs of the lower eyelids. Endolift® can also be used on areas of the body, including the knees, abdomen, inner thighs and ankles, etc., so if the patient is looking for an alternative that is not associated with high pain and long-term recovery after the procedure, then this method is absolutely ideal. A quick, painless procedure, the patient can carry out normal activities after the procedure.

The treatment offers the benefits of a surgical facelift, but without the scalpel, scars, anesthesia and pain. Endolift® is the result of advanced technological and medical research that focuses on how to achieve similar results to traditional surgical lifting. At the same time, he places emphasis on avoiding the disadvantages associated with traditional surgery, such as a longer recovery time, post-operative problems and always a higher price.

Our workplace is also a training center.




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Our clinic offers several sections of services for your well-being and satisfaction, it's up to you...



Hollywood Spectra XT Laser 



Rejuvenation means rejuvenation of the skin and we offer you many non-invasive procedures that lead to the restoration of your natural beauty and the rejuvenation of your skin.

It offers a wide range of high-quality and gentle methods aimed at reducing pigmentation, removing tattoos, improving problematic skin and treating acne. Also Hollywood Laser Peel® treatment for even more beautiful and radiant skin.

The main effect of the ENDOLIFT device is to turn off and tighten the skin, reduce fat tissue, thanks to the activation of neo-collagenesis and metabolic functions in the extracellular matrix.

SkinCeuticals is a leading aesthetic skin care brand that works with world-renowned doctors. With us, you can choose products exactly for your skin.



MarBelle Clinic s.r.o.

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Telephone: +420 605 942 952



MarBelle Clinic s.r.o.

Tomkova 57/27


779 00

IC: 177 168 70

Bank: 123 - 8890440257/0100

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