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I have developed a keen interest in aesthetic medicine during my university studies because it provides a holistic approach to individuals, addressing both skincare and appearance, as well as overall well-being. I firmly believe that when we feel beautiful in our bodies, our souls reciprocate, and vice versa. However, during my medical practice, I encountered a significant challenge that weighed heavily on me—the lack of time for thorough patient interviews. Many times, a simple conversation proved sufficient to enhance skin condition by positively impacting the patient's overall psychological state. This phenomenon became increasingly prevalent in my patients, prompting me to delve deeper into psychodermatology and its close connection to psychosomatics alongside conventional dermatological treatment.


As I progressed, I started noticing parallels between my discussions with patients in the dermatology office and those with clients in the aesthetic medicine office. This realization led me to prioritize the exploration of mental well-being, health, and the associated inner strength. I chose to focus more on understanding the interconnectedness of physical and mental aspects, as wisdom and the ability to assist others stem from this comprehension.


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In my practice, I strive to apply a comprehensive approach to aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and cosmetology, considering the latest scientific findings in the realm of skin aging and the dynamic processes our skin undergoes over the years. My knowledge is derived from continuous study, as aesthetic medicine is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Actively engaging in both domestic and international internships and educational events, I selectively seek insights from the foremost professionals in our field who advocate for natural results in their work. I believe in highlighting the innate beauty of individuals without solely adhering to fleeting trends.


These principles guide my private practice as well. To me, rejuvenated, toned, beautiful, and fresh skin signifies the primary indicators of health and satisfaction. In pursuit of this goal, I embark on a personalized journey with each client seeking my services. There isn't a singular beauty guide or a single correct method. In the contemporary landscape, it is crucial to be well-versed in the entire spectrum of treatments and adept at combining them to achieve the most natural and optimal results. I find it imperative to address the inevitable changes that aging brings in a timely and targeted manner, steering clear of irreversible or alienating alterations.


The naming process for the clinic was a thoughtful one. Despite contemplating for an extended period, I couldn't find a name that truly resonated with me and encapsulated the essence of my work. Thankfully, my wonderful husband came to my aid, brainstorming various combinations with my name until he conceived the name MarBelle. In his initial idea, MarBelle was envisioned as a small glass ball, fragile yet perfect. However, to me, the name conjured an image of an apricot with a perfectly soft surface adorned with fine hairs—the embodiment of beautiful skin and the ideal outcome of my work. What imagery does MarBelle evoke for you?

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